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Most Americans live and function in a chronic state of dehydration. Symptoms of dehydration include dry mouth, thirst, chronic fatigue and dizziness. A good rule of thumb to follow is, when you are thirsty, consider yourself dehydrated. Dehydration alone can make you feel ill and chronic dehydration can lead to dangerous health complications.

The information included in this blog will define dehydration and hopefully provide you with medical information that will increase your knowledge about dehydration. Here we will also discuss the treatment and management of dehydration. This information is intended to explain how intravenous (IV) hydration therapy can quickly and effectively treat dehydration.

Why is Chronic Dehydration Dangerous?

Chronic dehydration is dangerous as it can result in electrolyte imbalances leading to seizures, stroke and cardiovascular collapse. Dehydration varies from mild to severe symptoms and secondary complications. Essentially the worse the dehydration the higher risk for secondary complications that can lead to organ damage.

Dehydration causes electrolyte imbalances that results in a more acidic blood pH. High acid levels in the body result in acidosis that effects your muscles, kidneys and has been associated with chronic diseases such as cancer. Recent studies are correlating a decrease of chronic illness such as cancer and viruses when the body remains in an alkaline state. Hydration is a major factor in body pH and essentially keeping the body more alkaline.

Another dangerous effect of dehydration is that it can result in severe damage to the cells. Most of the water in the body is within the cells and the surrounding fluids.  When there is a lack of water, waste material and other contaminants will accumulate around the cells that can lead to cell death.

Moreover, dehydration results in high cholesterol levels in the body. The body produces cholesterol in case it is dehydrated to prevent water loss. The cholesterol will deposit within the cell membrane. This will result in increased risk of stroke and heart attack.

What are the Syptoms of Chronic Dehydration?

  1. You must know the symptoms of chronic dehydration. In case, you experience the following 10 symptoms, you should immediately get professional help for treatment of the condition.


One of the adverse health effects of dehydration is constipation. When the water is insufficient in the body, the colon will restrict water loss from the stools. Muscles of the colon will contract to squeeze out water from the stools that will be reabsorbed by the body and put back into circulation. This will result in hard stools that will not only be difficult to pass, but also weaken and irritate the colon walls.

Moreover, since the water absorbed by the colon is wastewater, it will have to be filtered by the kidneys and the liver. This will put extra strain on the already overworked body parts.

2.Chronic Fatigue

Another symptom of chronic dehydration is fatigue. Water imbalance in the body can slow down the enzymatic activity in the body. This will result in tiredness and fatigue, which are the early signs of dehydration.

3.High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is yet another telltale sign of chronic dehydration. The blood normally contains about 94 percent water. When the body is dehydrated, the blood becomes thick. This can lead to resistance to the blood flow resulting in high blood pressure. If immediate steps are not taken to rehydrate the body, it can result in serious heart complications.

4.Gastrointestinal Problems

If you experience unexplained digestive problems such as acid reflux or gastritis, you might be suffering from dehydration. The body requires adequate amount of fluids to produce different digestive juices. Shortage of fluid can result in gastrointestinal problems including ulcers and even stomach cancer.

5.Gain Weight

Another telltale sign of dehydration is weight gain. The body will not be able to metabolize fat properly in case of fluid imbalance inside the cells. This will result in storage of fat inside the body that results in accelerated weight gain.

6.Kidney or Bladder Issues

Dehydration can result in accumulation of waste material inside the body. As a result, your kidneys will overwork that can lead to accelerated deterioration. Furthermore, the accumulation of wastewater will create the ideal environment for the bacteria to thrive. This will make the kidney and bladder prone to inflammation and infections.

7.Respiratory Problems

One of the key indicators of dehydration is respiratory ailments. When the body is dehydrated, it restricts the airways as a survival mechanism to remain hydrated. This will increase the rate of histamine production inside the body that will lead to asthma and respiratory allergies.

8.Skin Problems

Dehydration can lead to skin damage. Lack of water inside the body can result in psoriasis and dermatitis. It can also lead to discoloration and wrinkling. If you suffer from skin problems, it may be caused due to dehydration.

9.Premature Aging

Water shortage inside the body can also result in premature aging. It will cause the skin to wrinkle prematurely. What’s even worse, the same wrinkling occurs inside the internal organs that can result in damage to the organs inside the body.

10.Pain in the Joint

Our joints have cartilage padding that provides the required lubrication. The padding that covers the bone structure in the joints is composed mostly of water. Lack of water weakens the padding that may lead to joint pains and stiffness.

IV Rehydration Hydration Therapy – The Best Cure for Dehydration

The best way to treat chronic dehydration is through IV rehydration hydration therapy. IV hydration therapy restores the fluid imbalance inside the body. The IV solution mostly consists of electrolytes and water. Apart from that, the solution may contain essential minerals that can boost various bodily functions.

IV administration of fluids can provide various benefits. These include:

  • IV therapy can hydrate you much quickly as compared to drinking water
  • Vital minerals and vitamins can be added to IV solutions that provide a wide array of benefits
  • IV therapy is the best choice for severe dehydration
  • IV hydration therapy quickly restore electrolyte imbalance

IV solutions are administered under the supervision of a licensed doctor or nurse. An IV line will be inserted in the vein usually in the forearm. This line will be connected to the IV bag that is usually hung over the head of the patient. It consists of catheter or a butterfly needle at the other end.

Before administration of an IV solution, a licensed doctor will find out the solution that is the best for dehydrated individual. The doctor will decide based on existing medical condition, the age, and the extent of dehydration.

During the administration of the IV solution, the doctor will regulate the fluid entering the body using an adjustable valve or pump that is attached to the IV line. The nurse will check the IV line from time to time in order to ensure that it is properly delivering fluid to the body. The nurse will also make sure that the thin plastic tube is secure and not leaking. The length of the IV administration will depend on the severity of the condition. However, normally a single session lasts for about 30 minutes.

Contact Experts for IV Hydration Treatment

Getting professional help for chronic dehydration is extremely important. You can contact Nuuvo Health if you reside in Dallas, TX for IV hydration treatment. Nuuvo Health is a physician owned IV hydration clinic. Our expert medical professionals have extensive experience in providing IV rehydration hydration treatment.

If you suffer from chronic dehydration, you can count on our experts to provide you with the best hydration treatment. We can customize the IV hydration therapy according to your fluid requirements.

For the convenience of our customers, we also provide intravenous (IV) at home. IV at home will allow you to quickly restore fluid imbalance inside the body without setting one foot outside the house. The IV solution is prepared under strict sanitary conditions using quality materials. You can rest assured of the safest hydration treatment when you contact us for IV hydration. In case you want more information about our IV rehydration hydration therapy, you can contact us by dialing 469-863-3419.


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