Nuuvo Health is a mobile, on-demand IV infusion company that brings fluid therapy direct to you. Physician owned and operated, Nuuvo Health is changing the way such treatments are administered by giving complete access to these heavily sought after therapies within the comforts of your own home or office.

Our elective IV infusion treatments offered are the best on the market and all supplies are manufactured and purchased in the US, and are FDA approved. Nuuvo Health providers are at the top of their field, and we proudly put discretion and superior care foremost.  Our medical records are completely HIPAA compliant, which not only protects your identity, but also the services rendered. Every patient has access to their patient portal to review previous treatments, communicate with their certified provider, and access post-care information. Unlike many competitors, Nuuvo Health is doctor-owned and doctored-directed, so you can trust completely that you are getting the absolute best care.

Nuuvo Health is the solution for the busy individual looking to optimize your life, allowing you to create balance within work, fitness, and play. Our app is the ideal way for our patients to book their appointments and be connected with qualified providers seamlessly.

Your feedback is important and encouraged to allow us to continue to develop our process and technology to best serve our customers.




Dr. John Ruffino (nicknamed “Dr. John”) is an internal medicine physician specializing in hospital-based care. He was born in Buffalo, NY where he excelled in the sciences and was graduating salutatorian of his high school class.  He furthered those interests while at Boston College where he graduated summa cum laude with a concentration in biochemistry and mathematics minor. Dr. John was recognized as the top graduating student in his biochemistry class at Boston College. He attended Weill Cornell Medical College, one of the top 20 medical schools in the nation, and remained within the New York Presbyterian Hospital System (ranked #6 nationally) for completion of internal medicine residency. Dr. John currently resides in the Dallas area, where he has been a practicing hospitalist for the past few years. His extensive knowledge in hospital-based therapies and IV fluid applications has developed over years of in-depth training at top hospital centers, particularly in the setting of medically complex disease. He recognizes the important benefits of IV fluid hydration, particularly with the rejuvenation, renewal, and revitalization of your best asset – your body.




Lydia Speck is an expert in health and wellness and specializes in health management. Raised in the Dallas area, she chose Texas State University where she received a degree in Consumer Science and a minor in Business. Upon graduation, she pursued a career in fitness and personal training. It was there that she realized, when it came to maximizing results, fitness was most advantageous when paired with medicine. Since that realization, she focused on understanding how to apply these new medical approaches with lifestyle changes to achieve maximum results in the pursuit of a healthier and better life. She first experienced IV therapy 6 years ago and felt monumentally better after 30 minutes, and was hooked. Lydia has spent the last three years in the medical field she has seen remarkable results from therapies using IV infusions. However, the most common request from clients was to have these treatments in a more convenient setting than a clinic. After extensive market research the idea was born to offer a mobile service, starting with her hometown of Dallas, TX.


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    Stephanie Registered Nurse
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    Sarah Registered Nurse
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    Chris Medical Technician
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    Jason Medical Technician
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    Tony Medical Technician
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    Jay Medical Technician


Nuuvo Health, LLC was designed with the intention to bring highly sought after but poorly accessible infusion therapies directly to the consumer. Done so with the finest attention to detail and safety, we strive to make a difference in the lives of those we serve. In addition to personal satisfaction from delivering the highest quality of care, our company offers a collaborative working environment that values you and what you do best. Able to provide a flexible schedule and hours, we focus on balancing your needs with ours. In doing so, we welcome into our family all like-minded providers and strive to make excellence not just a word, but a daily mantra.

So are you interested in joining what will be one of Dallas’ best places to work? Browse through current job openings and apply online. We appreciate your time and assistance in helping us to build a successful team.