8 Things That Amino Acid Therapy Can Do for You

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A majority of people who constantly crave starchy or sweet foods are actually lacking in amino acids. Amino acids activate the part of our brains that regulate our cravings for food like that. As the brain and the stomach are so interconnected, amino acid therapy can treat a lot of different issues.

About 95% of your body’s serotonin, the chemical that makes us feel euphoric or happy, is produced in the gastrointestinal tract. This means that a great deal of our mental health is dependent on our physical health and diet.

The adage “you are what you eat” is more profound of a concept than most people think.

If you’re struggling with focus or weight management, you might be low in amino acids. Check out these 8 ways that amino acid therapy can improve your wellbeing.

Uses of Amino Acid Therapy

1. Muscle Growth

Amino acids can help supplement some of the things that your body relies on proteins for. This is why they’re great for muscle growth.

They can help to regulate muscle protein synthesis. Amino acids can improve your body’s ability to synthesize these chemicals following an exercise.

Vigorous exercise creates a lot of tearing and rebuilding of muscles. The stress that you feel will during exercise stimulates your muscles and with amino acid therapy, your body will redirect the repair enzymes.

The next time you work out, you’ll recover much more quickly.

2. More Endurance

Amino acids can affect the way your body uses fuel during a workout or even just a walk around the park. They will stimulate the carbs and fats used for endurance.

Athletes can depend on short sprints of power when suddenly running for a ball aggressively for short periods. During these springs, you’ll experience glycogen depletion which will leave you feeling exhausted. This exhaustion will have a profound and negative impact on your overall performance.

If during a workout you’re depleted of all of your glycogens, you could hit a serious wall and be unable to compete. By participating in amino acid therapy, you could see that time to exhaustion extend by a lot.

Studies have shown athletes lasting almost 20% longer when taking amino acids over athletes who didn’t.

3. Improved Fat Burning

As stated above, amino acids change the way tour body uses the fuel stored in your body in the form of fat and carbohydrates.

When your body reaches for a tall glass of glycogens that you need for sprinting, protection from amino acids will hand them a cup of fat or carbs instead.

If you’re on a low-carb diet, amino acids can still help. Amino acids will push your body to depend on fat for fueling any workouts rather than using carbs or glycogens.

4. Less Fatigue

Amino acids do more than just work on the muscles and the reparative function of the body after a workout. It can also deal with mental fatigues that follow more rigorous workouts.

When you don’t have enough amino acids in your body, you will produce tryptophan which will be turned into serotonin. The serotonin will create a relaxed and euphoric feeling but could also lead to feelings of tiredness.

This will exacerbate any mental fatigue you’re experiencing.

Amino acid supplements can counteract this process so that following a workout, you’ll be energized, alert, and awake, rather than exhausted and ready for bed.

5. Improved Metal Focus

By getting a handle on your body’s desire to produce tryptophan, amino acid therapy will improve your ability to focus. Expect to see results that improve your short-term memory and your ability to process complex information.

If you’re in any kind of athletic competitions, amino acids could be the deciding factor in your victory.

Even if you’re in a more intellectually based field, being able to focus and recall is always a plus.

6. Muscle Fiber Protection

As stated earlier, exercise has the tendency to cause rips, tears, and strains on your muscles. This little bit of damage is actually what creates larger and stronger muscles. As your body rebuilds, it compensates each time by adding a little bit of muscle.

There are times when you can do a little too much damage. If you exercise too hard, you can burn through your fat and your body will start using muscles for fuel.

If you’re suffering from a caloric deficit, you could experience this issue. Amino acid therapy will keep your body from suffering extreme damage that can undo the work that you’re doing through exercise.

7. Better Recovery

If you’re able to experience the increased protein synthesis and protect your muscle fibers, amino acid therapy will allow you to recover from your workouts faster. You’ll be able to repeat your routine without taking any downtime.

The longer you wait between workouts, the less effective they are, so being able to work out consecutively is a plus.

While you’re resting, your body is rebuilding. You’ll bounce back better than ever with amino acid therapy.

8. Less Soreness

If you’re just starting to work out for the first time in a while or increasing the intensity of your workouts, you might not be looking forward to the soreness. Thankfully amino acid therapy can help.

By aiding in all of the reparative processes, amino acids will limit the pain from exercise and the subsequent soreness.

Amino Acid Therapy Works Wonders

For vegetarians, vegans, and people who have a lower amount of protein intake, amino acids are a must. Amino acids can help more efficiently the lower amounts of protein you might get from beans or yogurt.

You’ll be able to exercise as vigorously as a meat eater without having as difficult of a recovery.

If you’re ready to add amino acids to your diet, contact us for more information on the best dosage for your lifestyle.

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