Physician owned and medically directed concierge infusion therapy

Concierge infusion therapy based upon the science of medicine

Dr. John Ruffino, MD

Medical Director

(nicknamed “Dr. John”) is a graduate of Weill Cornell Medical College and board certified in internal medicine specializing in hospital-based care. He completed his residency at the New York Presbyterian Hospital System in New York City, a top 10 Hospital nationwide. He then went on to work at UT Southwestern as a hospitalist and founded the innovative new company so-named “Nuuvo Health.”

Dr. John continues to practice as a hospitalist and remains integrally involved in the daily operations of Nuuvo Health. His extensive knowledge in hospital-based therapies and IV fluid applications has developed over years of in-depth training at top hospital centers, particularly in the setting of medically complex disease. He recognizes the important benefits of IV fluid hydration, particularly with the rejuvenation, renewal and revitalization of your best asset – your body. He loves hearing from current clients and is always striving to delivery high quality care

Lydia Speck

Chief Operating Officer

Lydia Speck is an expert in wellness and specializes in health management. Raised in the Dallas area, she attended Texas State University where she received a degree in consumer science and a minor in business. Upon graduation, she pursued a career in fitness and personal training. It was there she realized that when it came to maximizing results, fitness was most advantageous when paired with healthcare. Since that realization, she focused on understanding how to apply these new healthcare methodologies with lifestyle changes to achieve maximum results in the pursuit of a healthier and better life. Lydia has spent the last four years in the medical field in clinical operations and she has seen remarkable results from therapies using IV infusions. After extensive market research, the idea was born to offer a mobile service, starting with her hometown of Dallas, TX.

Sunny Dedmon, RN, AGACNP-BC

Chief Nursing Officer

Sunny graduated with a Master of Science from the University of Texas at Arlington in Adult Geriatric Acute Care. Sunny is a nurse practitioner at Nuuvo Health who partners closely with Dr. John.

Sunny is a certified adult critical care nurse with a strong background in neuro, trauma, and surgical services. She obtained her advanced IV skills while working as a pre-operative nurse. Her comprehensive knowledge in hospital medicine and IV therapy developed while working in multiple magnet status, level I trauma centers across the nation. Sunny maintains active practice in critical care settings, allowing her to expand her knowledge in IV therapies that can improve health and wellness for all.

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